Att. Andreea-Oana Sersea


2006 – Bachelor’s Degree in Law

2007 – Master’s Degree in Business Law

2008 – Member of Bucharest Bar Association

Our law office was established in 2010, based on Law no. 51/1995 and the Statute of the legal profession and it is registered with the National Bar Association and functions as part of the Bucharest Bar Association.

Currently, “Andreea Sersea” Law Office, in collaboration with  public notaries, bailiffs, judicial experts, certified translators and of course, in collaboration with other fellow lawyers, offers its clients a wide range of services specific to the legal profession, in Bucharest and in the surrounding areas, but also in any other regions of Romania. 

The areas pursued by us are, first of all, in the sphere of civil and business law (establishment of companies or any changes in the companies structure, such as: change of registered office, transfer of shares, change of management, etc.).
In addition, we offer legal services in the fields of civil law, family law, administrative litigation.

We provide our clients legal assistance to the Police and the Prosecutor’s Office as well as legal assistance and representation in courts of all levels, respectively: First Court, Courts of Appeal, High Court of Cassation and Justice.

Last but not least, we offer assistance and representation before public authorities such as the National Office of the Trade Register, Financial Administrations, the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks, but also any other private and public institutions. lawyer in Bucharest

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“Andreea Sersea” Law Office

 Zefirului Street, No. 19, Sector 2, Bucharest, Romania

+40 0773 340 401

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