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A company can increase its share capital at any time and with any value it wants.

Thus, the company may decide to increase the share capital, either to increase the value of the existing capital on its own initiative, or as a result of legislative changes, which impose on certain companies a minimum value of the share capital.

Also, the increase of the share capital may come from the desire of the associates to co-opt a new partner, natural or legal person, Romanian or foreign, new partner who will enter the company by contribution to the share capital.

Increasing the share capital by co-opting a new partner can be a faster way to change the number of partners, compared to the transfer of shares to a person outside the company.

It should be noted that the sums of money representing the contribution to the establishment or increase of the share capital can be used in the daily activity of the company, for the purchase of goods or services, for the payment of salaries, taxes and duties.

The increase of the share capital can be of two types:

Increase of share capital by cash contribution,

Increase in share capital by contribution with movable or immovable property.

The change regarding the share capital must be registered at the Trade Register at the company’s headquarters.

It should be noted that the increase in share capital may lead to a change in the percentages held and therefore in the powers of the associates within the company.

For example, if one of the shareholders holds, after the increase, the majority of the share capital, he will have the decision-making power in the respective company.

That is why it is a good idea to seek the advice of a specialist consultant before making the capital increase, who can also perform all the related tasks, such as drafting documents, certifying statements, preparing the file, submitting and collecting documents. at the Trade Register.

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