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The civil status documents (birth, marriage, divorce, death) of the Romanian citizens, drawn up at the foreign authorities, have proving power in Romania only if they are transcribed in the Romanian civil status registers.

The transcription of the civil status documents, issued from the foreign authorities, is carried out with the approval of the mayor of the administrative-territorial unit from the domicile of the applicant, with the prior approval of the county community public service for the registration of persons.

Romanian citizens have the obligation to request the transcription of these documents at the domicile town hall (where he / she has his / her domicile in the identity card) within 6 months from the return to the country or from receiving the certificate from abroad.

As an example, if you are married in an EU country other than your home country, it would be a good idea to register your marriage in your home country in accordance with applicable national rules.

How can you request a transcript of your marriage certificate?

  1. PERSONNEL – one of the spouses, legitimized with a valid identity card or C.R.D.S. passport, presenting a proof of the last domicile, had in Romania (obtained from the Personnel Registration Service)
  2. SPECIAL MANDATE – made at a public notary in Romania – if one of the spouses is in the country, or

abroad – at diplomatic missions and consular offices of Romania.

  1. POWER OF ATTORNEY – accompanied by the contract concluded by one of the spouses and lawyer.

Documents required for transcription – marriage certificate:

  • Marriage certificate, issued by the foreign authorities, original and photocopy.
  • APOSTILLE * (according to the Hague Convention), for documents from the signatory countries of the Convention – applies on the back of the certificate or an annex to the certificate (this is done abroad, usually at the Prefecture or another institution (please inquire there))
  • Translation of the marriage certificate, in Romania, into an authorized translator, original and xerox copy.
  • Legalization of this translation, at a notary public – in Romania
  • Spouse’s identity card (Romanian citizen), passport for the husband / wife (Romanian citizen residing abroad (C.R.D.S.) / Foreign citizen), original and photocopy.
  • Birth certificate of the spouse (Romanian citizen), original and photocopy.
  • Declaration given before the notary public, in Romania, if the marriage certificate, issued by the foreign authorities, does not show the name of the husband and wife after the marriage, based on which it is established what name the spouses will bear in Romania. (if appropriate)
  • Notarial declaration from both spouses with the chosen matrimonial regime: legal community, separation of assets, conventional community.

The procedure is usually finalized by the civil status authority in 30 days, but in practice it can be exceeded, as, depending on the civil status authority to which the request is addressed, it may be requested many documents than those listed above.

Our law office can help you in fulfilling the transcription procedures, by assisting and representing before the civil status authority, the public notary, the authorized translator.


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