We provide legal assistance starting from the founding of the company.

We represent our clients in front of all the public authorities, such as National Office of Trade Register, fiscal administration, National Office of Trademarks.

We give our clients the best solutions regarding starting the business, and also making all the legal proceedings during the company’s activity, such as:

  • changing of the head office,
  • changing company’s name,
  • changing the main object of activity,
  • completion of the secondary activity object,
  • opening/closing secondary headquarters,
  • increasing of social capital,
  • changing of the administrators,
  • transfer of capital shares,
  • suspension of activity.


  • drafting and legal certification of the documents (decision of the general meeting, decision of the sole shareholder, articles of association),
  • completion of all applications and forms for registration of the form,
  • submission of the file to the Trade Register and assisting the entire registration procedure,
  • delivering of the final documents and certifications.

We also provide for our clients services in front of other public authorities, and also in front of the Court of Law, in commercial litigations, such as recovery of debts.


“Andreea Sersea” Law Office

Zefirului Street, No. 19, Sector 2, Bucharest

+40 0773 340 401