In the field of family law, we offer you professional services in situations starting from the divorce of the spouses, the exercise of parental authority, the establishment of the maintenance pension for the upbringing and education of minors, up to issues related to the administrative change of name.

Legal advice, with the aim of studying your case and providing viable and practically applicable solutions; Assistance and representation before the courts, as the case may be and in mediation or settlement proceedings, through which we intend to defend your interests, in order to obtain a result that is to your advantage, in cases having as object:

  • Divorce (through fault or by the consent of the spouses)
  • Maintenance pension for minors: establishment, increase, reduction, termination
  • Entrusting minors
  • Establishing a program for visiting minors
  • Establishing paternity
  • Denying paternity
  • Challenging the recognition of paternity
  • Return of the minor child from persons who hold him without right
  • Sharing property during marriage
  • The sharing of common goods after the dissolution of the marriage
  • Any other situations in the field of family law.


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