The law office practices the following fees: fixed fee, hourly fee, success fee and in the form of a subscription, the client being able to decide according to his needs and possibilities.
The fees are set freely between the lawyer and the client, depending on the difficulty, magnitude, urgency or duration of the case.
The lawyer’s fee is determined and fixed in the legal aid contract, on the date of its conclusion, before the start of the legal service by the lawyer.
The lawyer’s fee is established by negotiation for each case, depending on its complexity, scope or duration, the need to work with various specialists, the time constraints in which the lawyer is obliged by the circumstances of the case to act to ensure efficient legal services, depending on the importance of the interests involved.
The expenses related to the activity performed by the lawyer (judicial stamp duties, judicial stamp, expert’s fee, executor or notary, transport, accommodation and meals – in case of travel outside the locality and other similar expenses), will be paid by the client separately from attorney’s fees.

More details on the services provided by the law office can be found here.

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