A non-profit association is the subject of law constituted by three or more persons who, on the basis of an agreement, share and without the right to restitution their material contribution, knowledge or contribution to work for carrying out activities in the general interest, of certain communities or, after case, in their personal non-patrimonial interest.

During the existence of an association or foundation, it may make changes starting from the change of name, change of headquarters, entry of new members or withdrawal of existing ones, change of the administrative structures.

Modification of the constitutive act or of the statute of the association is made by registering the modification in the Register of associations andfoundations located at the registry of the court of lae in whose territorial circumscription the association has its headquartes.

Depending on the concrete situation, in order to set up the file, it is necessary to draw up specific documents, certify them by a lawyer or authenticate them by a notary public (in the case of foundations), as well as obtain documents from certain public institutions.

In order to register the change, the file is submitted to the court where the association / foundation has its headquarters, the judge delegated in solving these requests analyzing the legality of the submitted documents and ordering the registration of the changes in the Register of associations and foundations at the court registry.

The law firm offers the following SERVICES for the modification of the association’s documents:

– obtaining proof of availability and reservation of the name (if applicable),

–  drafting and attestation of the articles of association,

– drafting and certifying the statute,

– drafting the  lease agreement,

– payment of judicial stamp duties,

– completion of the application for registration,

– setting up, submitting the file, representing and delivering the documents from the court of law,

– obtaining the Certificate of registration in the Register of Associations and Foundations from the court registry.



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